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Regardless of building and industrial sector, water is a vital utility, providing process water, boiler water, cooling water, washing water, water recycled in the production process and drinking water. It can absorb up to 15% of capital expenditures. Its management therefore has a direct impact on a company's economic performance and growth.
It takes about 8,000 liters of water, for example, to build an automobile.
Extending the Spectrum expertise, we work with the industrial operators in all sectors. We manage all or each of the step in the water cycle, by delivering them with end-to-end solutions and services to optimize their processes. We are proven players in the industrial process, minimizing their water footprint by treating & converting the sewage and effluent water into fresh drinking or process water. Thus, producing lower-cost energy.
With a profound network of highly skilled engineers and strong local roots in nearly throughout India, we provide:
(a) A wide range of Customized tailored solutions to design, build and operate industrial water treatment plants.
(b) The Knowledge and Skills of local service providers, backed by nationwide network of researchers and experts.
(c) Operation & Maintenance Services.
(d) Annual Maintenance Contracts.
(e) Fabrication of MS/SS tanks, vessels, structure etc.
Process Water & Wastewater Treatment
Filtration Plants
Softening Plants
Demineralization Plants
RO Plants
Iron Removal
Sewage Treatment
UF Tertiary Treatment
Boiler / Cooling Water Treatment
Specially Designed RO Plants
Filtration Plants
Softening Plants
Specialized Systems
Augmentation of Recycle Systems
Specialized Media Filtration for SDI & Biological Control
UF Systems